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10 people, a mix of ages and abilities, posing and smiling.

L'Arche Twin Cities


6 people, a mix of ages and abilities, posing for a selfie in a green space.  Goats in the background.

We seek to create a place of belonging that is rooted in mutual, authentic relationships. Through collective vulnerability, openness, and spirituality, we are building a community that respects and embraces differences. By recognizing the inherent dignity and worth of all people, we strive to be a dynamic movement for radical inclusion.

Our Mission

8 people in a livingroom, looking at the guitar player in the center.

What Is L'Arche?

  • We are people with and without intellectual disabilities, sharing life in communities belonging to an International Federation. Check out and
  • We create spaces to share life together: in households, workplaces, or other forms of physical and virtual gathering.
  • Wherever we are, we are engaged with the work of partnership, advocacy, justice, and empowerment with people with intellectual disabilities. 
  • We find unity in diversity, strength in fragility, and freedom in interdependence. 
2 people looking at a book together and pointing to it.

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